Medical Health


Eye problems on a pigPigs are very closely related to us as humans and as well as their own ailments they can suffer from a variation of human illness. Below is a list of some of the health problems we have encountered at Pigs Inn Heaven.

Dippity Pig Syndrome this occurs in Spring time for no apparent reason and clears up as fast as it appears, keeping the area moisturised is important.

For further research on Dippity Pig Syndrome please follow the link:

In-growing Eyelashes which can cause irritation to the pig and infection, in some cases an operation has to be performed to the eye named ‘Entropion’

Pulled Muscles/ligaments caused through pigs fighting.

Arthritis/ Rheumatism caused through old age or injury.

Deep wounds caused through fighting with another pig, generally caused by male pigs due to them having sharp tusks.

Viral Infections these can occur just by the pig feeling a bit under the weather or when they have been moved away from their human family.

Heart Attacks are a key factor in obesity, please make sure your pig as plenty of exercise and fresh fruit and vegetables. DO NOT OVER FEED YOUR PIG.

Tumours we have experienced tumours in pigs, especially when they get older and more so in Kune Kune Pigs

Cysts are quite common in pigs and a lot of the time are harmless, if you are unsure, a cyst is something that moves around and soft when you touch it, sometimes they are mistaken as Tumours if you are unsure please contact your registered vet for advice.

Abcess these can feel like a cyst but contain infection and need to be drained by a vet.

Strokes this can happen very suddenly, we have only seen this happen once in a pig of 4 years old and her back legs just gave up on her and she could not stand.

Sore and Swollen Trotters this can happen when a pig is walking over rough areas and also if their trotters are too wet, they need both types of flooring but too much can cause sore feet. Dilute Fam 30 Disinfectant to a weak solution and make a foot bath for the pig/s to walk through twice a week, this helps to keep their trotters free form infection. If the area is cut use Septiclense to avoid infection. If a pig suffers with Bush Foot (Septic Laminitis) please get advice from your vet.


  • If the skin which is exposed is red or quite pink this is a sign it could have an infection
  • Neck area if you see it red, raised and inflamed this is also a sign of infection
  • When you look into its mouth and you can see that the tongue swollen with pale coloured spots, this means it has mouth ulcers
  • If both eyes are swollen/bulging and closed, this shows that there is a deficiency of Vitamin A
  • If one eye or both suddenly go blood red this is a sign of an eye and body infection and in some cases can be fatal
  • If the shell and skin looks healthy but the shell starts to peel after basking under a heat lamp this is normal
  • If the shell and skin looks healthy but the shell starts to peel and is pick/red/soft and bleeding this is a sign of a shell infection

If you are unsure of any of the above telephone your vet immediately for an appointment, Pigs Inn Heaven use Wern Vets and their details can be found below:

Wern Vets
Llanrwst Veterinary Surgery
Station Road,
LL26 0EH

Tel: 01492 640255

How to identify a terrapin/turtle’s sex

  • If the tail and nails are long it is a boy
  • If the tail and nails are short it is a girl