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Piggy In The Middle

All the Pigs at Pig Inn Heaven have just been fed, watered and bed changed and have settled down to sleep, one little chap decided he was getting tucked in. Now thats what we call piggy in the middle.

Peter Paddling

Peter one of our 2 year old saddlebacks decided to go for a paddle in the river today, he was a little hesitant at first then finally he dived straight in. He paddled around for about 10 minutes then decided he had had enough.

New Arrivals

Over the last 2 months we have had new arrivals at Pig Inn Heaven, Wilbur, Al, Pacino, Bonnie and Clyde, they have all settled down very well and are interacting with the other pigs. Al and Pacino are isolated at present because they are only 9 week old piglets. Wilbur is Al and Pacino's dad, he seems to have budded up with Clyde, all new arrivals are rescues. We hope they enjoy their new home.

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Merry Christmas to everyone from Pig Inn Heaven and thank you for all your continued support.

Blue & Gino's Pedicure

Today at the sanctuary Blue & Gino had their feet trimmed, they were a little reluctant at first but settled into the pampering very well. Following his treatment Gino decided he had earned a well earned rest for being so good.

They both decided to leave the nail polish, they were not too keen on the colour range. Ha Ha.


Pigs Ear Penny

This week Penny one of our 2 year old piglets had her stitches removed from the back of her left ear. 2 weeks ago the poor little sow got her head trapped underneath a barrier in the main pen whilst feeding with the rest of the pigs. Penny has recovered very well and as you can see from the pictures her wound as healed nicely. We had to give her a treat so she was nicely relaxed before removing them. We will keep her isolated for another week so we can be sure it is completely healed. What a brave little girl.

Christmas Just Around The Corner

It as been very busy at Pig Inn Heaven, we have put up 2 new pens, one for the pigs and one for the geese and hens which gives them a lot more space to move around and stretch their legs.

Christmas is now just around the corner and a fantastic gift for friends,family and love ones is our 2016 Pig Inn Heaven Calendar which can be purchased through our website, or by sending an email stating how many you would like.  We will be very happy to post the calendar/s to you so you receive them just before Christmas.

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Merry Christmas

2016 Calendar

The new 2016 Pig Inn Heaven Calendar will be ready to purchase from next week Monday 9th November 2015, you can order through the website and pay via PayPal or send an email to or Telephone 07771 740409 or 07525 907537. If you would like to pay by cheque please make the cheque payable to Pigs Inn Heaven Ltd.

The price for each calendar purchased is £5.99 all monies recieved will go to looking after all the animals at the sanctuary.

Thank you very much.

Animal Feeders For Sale

Pig Inn Heaven has available animal feeders in various sizes which can be bought at an affordable price. They have 5 years experience in durability and strength, feeding dozens of hungry rescued pigs. Price of each feeder will vary depending on size. The feeders are for livestock and price will be given on enquiry.

Please telephone or email with your enquiry. Details at the top of this page. 

Piggish Pigs!

As autumn approaches us here at Pig Inn Heaven, the cooler days mean there will be no more sunbathing for the likes of Bella – until next year anyway!

The pigs have been keeping their strength up though, with Daisy so keen that she beat everyone else to the front of the queue at feeding time!

Others have found a sneakier way to keep their stomachs full. We caught Wilbur being cheeky, stealing some bread whilst we weren’t looking!

There will now be even more competition for first in line at feeding time, as we welcome our newest addition Ruby! Ruby has been taken in from Scawsby near Doncaster, from her owner Emma. She is really sweet and gentle and has settled in well!

Pictures (from left): Daisy at the front of the queue; Wilbur being a sneaky pig; Ruby poses for the camera; Close up of our new member Ruby.

Another Three Departures!

We have yet more fantastic news here at Pig Inn Heaven. Sally, at Cardwell Farm, just 20 minutes away from Preston, has taken 3 of our rescue pigs. Dennis, Percy and Annie have left us, and can be seen settling into their new home with Sally.

Percy started to show his authority with Lola, Sally’s existing pig, by showing her who’s boss. Lola walked off in a huff, stomping around and giving Percy dirty looks. Dennis just wanted to be stroked and graze on the grass, whilst Annie just kept out of the way.

We would like to say a massive thank you to Sally and her family for giving them a lovely home.

We also have a new rescue turtle at Pig Inn Heaven, that we have named Tifa. She is the biggest one so far, with her shell measuring 1ft long! At this growth rate we may just have our own set of Mutant Ninja Turtles!

Please understand that when you purchase them – when they are tiny from your local supplier – they really do grow and can out live you. Make sure you consider in advance and do your research before taking on these magnificent reptiles.

Pictures (from left): Sally with Dennis, Percy and Annie; Tifa Turtle; Ashraf and Gino; Hide Peep Po; Daisy, Dutchess and George;