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Sharing Is Caring

Here at Pig Inn Heaven, one of the pigs’ favourite times of day has to be feeding time. Some love it more than others and can get greedy! However, they all learn to share the food between one another and even with the other animals. None more so than Annie, who can be seen here sharing food with Vingt-Quatre, one of the many chickens that we have at Pig Inn Heaven. Despite being much smaller, they are streetwise enough not to miss out on feeding time! On this picture, Annie is tucking into some pig nuts and kindly allows Vingt-Quatre to share (unless she was so busy eating she didn’t realise!). Nevertheless, it was an opportunity the chicken wasn’t going to turn down!

Belly rubs, and our new arrival 'Housey'

A new pig arrived with us this week, by the name of Housey, he's a little cutie and soft as you like. He rolls over like a dog when you try to fuss him - some of the pigs do this, it's not unusual.Take Bert as an example. He's been with us about a year now - you might remember, he came here with his friend Martha? Anyway, when you give Bert a belly rub he just slumps to the ground and lies on his side for you to get more belly, and just grunts softly - oh the joy of being a pampered pig at Pig Inn Heaven!The black pig is Bert 

Bagel Day!

The pigs had a real treat today - Sainsbury's donated their excess stock of bagels to the pigs, what a treat for them. They all clamoured to be first in the queue - Polly tries to steal a march on the rest in the 'who's cutest?' stakes by sitting nicely for her bagel (clever girl!), but the others soon cottoned on to her wily ways! Daisy soon stole Polly's crown by wearing her bagel in the style of a fetching nose-ring...... 

Let's take a look at how Murphy's doing

Murphy was one of our first residents - he came to us with his friend Dudley, and they still stick together. Obviously, we'd like them to go to a new home together - they're such good piggy pals, they'd miss each other if they were parted.Murphy is a gentle boy, happiest when he's eating his favourite food, bananas!