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New Arrivals

Meet our new arrivals Guinae a female black and white pig who is very friendly and will sit for you when waiting for food. Also 4 new terrapins, Jack and Lenny who are both female and about 10 years old they came from Gordon Riggs in Rochdale apparently children were not being very nice to them so they needed to rehome. Buffy and Spike who are 11 years old and have travelled all the way from Devon. We would like to thank all donations received and hope our new animals will enjoy their new home.

Newt, Al & Pacino

Newt our lame pig who only walks on 3 legs, but gets around very well especially when its feeding time, has adopted our 2 rescue piglets Al and Pacino, as you can see from the pictures they are very happy and Newt has become their new mum.

New Terrapin/Turtle Home

Hello it as been a while since we spoke about the terrapins and turtles, as you can see from the pictures they are all very well and loving their new bespoke home, which is much bigger and deeper for them to swim around. We now have over 25. We love to watch them swim and play with their reptilian family.

Feeding Time

All the pigs at Pig Inn Heaven are having their daily feed of fresh fruit and vegetables which are purchased from Fairfield Compost, Smithfield Market, Manchester. We would like to say a massive thank you to all the staff for their continual support.

Move to New site & Rehoming

Hello Everyone

We have now moved onto the new site 500 yards up the road onto Sladenwood Stables, Halifax Road, Littleborough OL15 0LB. It has been a very busy time moving everything off the old site onto the new one, the weather has not been good to us which has made the move much harder. Works are still under construction but the Pigs, Goats & Hens are now on their new site and absolutely loving it, especially the views across the hills.

The Geese and Duck have all just been rehomed which is fantastic news and not too far away so we will be able to call and see them from time to time.

We hope the construction of the site will be completed by Mid May 2016 which will mean we can then open our doors to the new site and hope you will come along to visit us. Entrance fee will be £3.00 per person.


Piggy In The Middle

All the Pigs at Pig Inn Heaven have just been fed, watered and bed changed and have settled down to sleep, one little chap decided he was getting tucked in. Now thats what we call piggy in the middle.

Peter Paddling

Peter one of our 2 year old saddlebacks decided to go for a paddle in the river today, he was a little hesitant at first then finally he dived straight in. He paddled around for about 10 minutes then decided he had had enough.

New Arrivals

Over the last 2 months we have had new arrivals at Pig Inn Heaven, Wilbur, Al, Pacino, Bonnie and Clyde, they have all settled down very well and are interacting with the other pigs. Al and Pacino are isolated at present because they are only 9 week old piglets. Wilbur is Al and Pacino's dad, he seems to have budded up with Clyde, all new arrivals are rescues. We hope they enjoy their new home.

Dont delay, buy now 2016 Pig Inn Heaven calendar, you can purchase through our website or ebay. If you live in the Rochdale, Bury, Bacup, Oldham or Bolton area you can purchase a calendar direct from your local COOP.

Merry Christmas to everyone from Pig Inn Heaven and thank you for all your continued support.

Blue & Gino's Pedicure

Today at the sanctuary Blue & Gino had their feet trimmed, they were a little reluctant at first but settled into the pampering very well. Following his treatment Gino decided he had earned a well earned rest for being so good.

They both decided to leave the nail polish, they were not too keen on the colour range. Ha Ha.


Pigs Ear Penny

This week Penny one of our 2 year old piglets had her stitches removed from the back of her left ear. 2 weeks ago the poor little sow got her head trapped underneath a barrier in the main pen whilst feeding with the rest of the pigs. Penny has recovered very well and as you can see from the pictures her wound as healed nicely. We had to give her a treat so she was nicely relaxed before removing them. We will keep her isolated for another week so we can be sure it is completely healed. What a brave little girl.