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Meet Boris

Hello please to meet everyone. My name is Boris, I am a small black castrated boar and 7 years old. I am very friendly and outgoing, love being around people and other pigs but hate it if they pinch my food. I live at Pigs Inn Heaven who look after me really well. I have just been sponsored by a very kind gentlemen named Mr Chuck Vellone for 12 months. I would like to say a massive thank you to him and all proceeds will be used to care for any medical needs, food and bedding to keep me warm in the winter months ahead. Enjoy the Autumn and I hope to meet you all again ver

Penny had a Piggy Back

Penny who is 3 years old in October was looking to get a piggy back ride off Burt yesterday. She was very persistent and followed him all around the yard. I think Ashraf the brown goat wanted to give penny a piggy back ride too as he turns his back to her. No sorry Ashraf, Burt is the one for me. He He.

Massive Thank you

Pigs Inn Heaven would like to say a massive Thank you to the Co-operative in Littleborough town centre, Fairfield Environmental Services and Fareshare (both based at Smithfield Market, Openshaw, Manchester for providing us with fresh fruit and vegetables including bread and other produce which feeds our pigs, goats, hens and terrapins/turtles every week. It is very much appreciated by all of us.

Grassy Newt

Newt our lame pig at Pigs Inn Heaven was a very happy piggy today, the gardener gave her lots of grass cuttings to eat and she decided to share them with Trubble the Bulldog but only for a mouthful, then she tucked in all by herself yum yum.

Sally & Lyndsey Bee

Sally & Lyndsey Bee are Pigs Inn Heaven's latest arrivals, both Sally & Lyndsey Bee were abandoned in the Greater Manchester area and was handed in to our vet. Pennine Vets, Tottington Road, Bury. Both terrapins are female and aged roughly 6-7 years old due to their size. They are good natured but at present a little nervous in their new surroundings. Pigs Inn Heaven warmly welcome them to the sanctuary and hope they live a happy, healthy and long life. Please sponsor one of our terrapins/turtles.

Ebay Merchandise

Pigs Inn Heaven now have merchandise to buy on ebay. T'shirts (please state size), Calendars and Mugs. All proceeds go to the up keep and welfare of all the animals at the sanctuary and is very much appreciated.

Melon Day

It was like a blood bath down at Pigs Inn Heaven, water melon day. Dudley, Murphy, Sheldon, Percy, Boris, Smokey, smudge, Truffles, Duke, Bonnie, Clyde, Al and Pacino chomping away they all love their water melons. Just like we love all of our piggies.

Well Done Oliver

Oliver Lewis has worked at Pigs Inn Heaven on Saturdays for 2 years whilst studying for his GCSE at Wardle High School. He as worked very hard and learnt a lot of new skills from site manager Martin and gained very good exam results from school. Oliver is now going to put his skills into practice by attending Newton Rigg College, Penrith this month (September). He will be studying Game keeping. This week Oliver was helping Martin build the new pig boarding pen. We would all like to wish Oliver every success at college and hope he achieves his goals. Best Wishes and thank you very much for your enthusiasm and dedication.


Board your pig or terrapin now at Pigs Inn Heaven. If you are going on holiday and do not have anyone to look after your pig(s) or terrapin(s) we will look after them for you. Please telephone Janet on 07771 740 409 or Martin on 07525 907 537 or email: / and we will discuss your individual requirements. Your animals will be housed separately whilst in our care. Thank you.

Matilda and Sunny

Pigs Inn Heaven would like to say a warm welcome to their two new terrapins Matilda and Sunny. They are both 7 years old and came together. Matilda is a map turtle and Sunny is a large yellow bellied terrapin, both have a lovely personality and enjoy being spoken to and stroked.