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Changes at Pigs Inn Heaven

Due to decisions made out of our control we have had to make some changes. As most of you may know we have now moved to North Wales but because we have had many problems with the Councils especially with the relocation of the Pigs we have had to rethink how we run the sanctuary moving forward. The sponsorships have now been removed as from 15th September 2020. We will not be taking in anymore rescue Pigs or Turtles, general visits have had to stop. We will still offer a rehoming scheme (Pigs only) and your kind donations will still be greatly recieved.

We would like to thank everyone who has supported the sanctuary over the years it as been greatly appreciated by all of us. We have rescued many Pigs and Turtles over the 9 years, lives that would have been lost if we had not been there to help.  We will still be sending out a quarterly newsletter so you can see what the Pigs and Turtles are getting upto. All sponsorships that have recently been purchased will continue until September 2021 and receive their quarlerly updates.

We wish each and everyone of you best wishes for the future and please wear your PPE and keep safe. Thank you.

Keep Safe

We hope you are all keeping safe and wearing your PPE throughout the pandemic. It has been a difficult time for everyone. The more mixing we do the more important it is to keep to the health and safety guidelines when out and about. The pigs are thinking of each and everyone of you. Oink Oink.

Pig Wallows Out of Stock

Our Pig Wallows are now out of stock, unfortunately the company that were making them have now stopped and we will not be able to supply any more wallows in the future.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Pig Wallows for Sale

We now have various sizes of pig wallows for sale. Pigs need to be able to cool down in the Summer months and our pig wallows are just ideal, they are robust, hardy and the pigs cannot break them unlike an inflatable swimming pool. You can add mud to the wallow so they can have a mud bath which protects their skin from getting burnt.

Pig Wallow Price List

Contact us for further information.

Terrapin Outdoor Pool

The Terrapins have now moved to an outdoor pool for the Summer months. The natural sun rays are very beneficial to the terrapins and their health and well being so is essential that they can spend time outside. They also have the chance to graze on grass and stretch their legs.

Manchester Business Prestige Awards

Exciting News, we have just found out we have won the Manchester Business Prestige Awards for the Animal Rescue Category for 2019 which is a privilege and honour to receive. Peter I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who works, volunteers and has visited Pigs Inn Heaven Sanctuary.

Daily Mail

On February 5th 2019 the daily mail visited the sanctuary to do an article about the Myth of the micro pig. It was about how celebreties have bought these animals thinking they would stay small but only to realise that they grew into big porky pigs. the article was published on Saturday 9th February 2019 by Kathryn Knight Reporter for The Daily Mail.

BBC Radio Manchester Interview

Pigs Inn heaven were featured on BBC Radio Manchester recently. You can here the interview with Janet from Pigs Inn Heaven below:




2019 Calendar

Please Purchase your 2019 Pig Inn Heaven Calendar today through our merchandise page, only £6 and all proceeds to animal welfare. Thank you.