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    A pigs natural habitat is to live outside, dig, forage for food, wallow in mud and have plenty of room to run around, if they do not have this outside and you have them living in your homes that is when Pigs become psychologically damaged and start behaving unnaturally. People should consider and take more care of the welfare needs of these animals before purchasing. Research and check if you have the correct facilities (see our Rehoming page) to house a pet pig and give it a forever home. Pigs can grow between 100kg -340kg and are a lot stronger than a dog.

    Pigs in mud Turtles/terrapins swimming in tank


    PLEASE, PLEASE do your research before another pet pig ends up as another victim in the breeding system. Humans cause the problem in the first place. So stop and think before you buy a pet pig, do not buy one because it looks cute as a piglet, their life span can be up to 15 years which is a very long commitment and when you want to go on holiday you cannot just take a pet pig down to the boarding kennels.


    Myth of the micro pig

    Why breed a pig as a pet then sell it and tell people it will only grow to the size of a small Labrador but end up growing up to 2 metres in height and weighing a staggering 200 Kilos. Please read more on our Myth of the Micro Pig page.


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